The Law Offices of Nina Mawby is a full-service immigration law firm assisting you with any issues related to your legal status in the United States. The firm's experienced attorneys assist temporary visitors with non-immigrant visas, and they work with foreign nationals who wish to remain in this county by achieving citizenship through naturalization, fighting deportation proceedings or receiving asylum. When immigration actions are contested, the firm sends its skilled appellate attorneys to press your case in the United States Court of Appeals.  

Non-immigrant visas

Getting a visa as a temporary visitor to the United States can be as challenging as any other immigration matter. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Nina Mawby can help you obtain the non-immigrant visa appropriate to your needs:
  • A Visa — Foreign government officials
  • B Visa — B-1 Business & B-2 Tourist
  • C Visa — Transit
  • D Visa — Crewmen
  • E Visa — Treaty traders and investors
  • F Visa — F-1 Students and F-2 Spouses and children
  • G Visa — Representatives to international organizations
  • H Visa — Temporary work
  • I Visa — Media
  • J Visa — J-1 Students and J-2 Dependents
  • K Visa — Fiances or fiancees, fiancees' children
  • L Visa — Intra-company transfer
  • M Visa — U.S. vocational students
  • N Visa — Children of special immigrants
  • O & P Visas — Artists, athletes and entertainers
  • Q Visa — International cultural exchange visitors
  • R Visa — Religious workers
  • S Visa — Aliens assisting law enforcement
  • TN Visa — NAFTA professional workers
  • V Visa — Spouses and children of permanent residents
  • U Visa — Victims of certain crimes
  • VAWA — Violence Against Women Act
  The H-1B category is a nonimmigrant business visa pertaining to specialty occupations. Specialty occupations are positions with an entry level requirement of a Bachelor's degree or above or the U. S. equivalency of same in the specific field requested and the duties are specialized and complex. U.S. employers petition the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service for workers to fill these positions in their companies due to the unavailability of any workers currently in the U.S. that have the experience and education required for these positions. The H-1B nonimmigrant may be admitted for a period up to three years and then extend for an additional three years with a total of six years. The H-1B Visa has an annual numerical cap of 65,000 visas with certain limitations and exemptions with an additional 20,000 visas for Master's degree or higher.   The H-2B category is a non-agricultural temporary worker program allowing U.S. Employers to fill nonagricultural jobs with foreign nationals. The Employer will need to establish there is a temporary, seasonal or one-time need for services or labor and there are not sufficient U.S. workers available to fill these positions.