10 Questions to Ask When Searching for the Best Immigration Lawyer
Are you planning to migrate? When navigating the complex world of immigration law, it is crucial to find the right immigration law. Whether you are seeking assistance with visa application, green card, or any other immigration matter, having a skilled, experienced, and best immigration lawyer by your side can greatly increase your chances of success.  

1. What is your experience in immigration law?

The level of expertise depends on how long a lawyer has been practicing immigration law and the types of cases they have handled. Look for someone with a solid track record and wide experience in immigration law.  

2. Are you a member of any immigration law associations?

To stay updated with the latest immigration laws and regulations, as a lawyer, you need to have membership in reputable law associations such as the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). It demonstrates your dedication to staying informed.  

3. Have you handled cases similar to mine?

Find the best immigration lawyer who has successfully handled a case similar to yours. Each immigration case is unique. This ensures that they can easily understand your case and overcome the challenges involved in it.  

4. Can you provide references from past clients?

Request references from previous clients. It allows you to gain insight into the efficiency of the lawyer, communication skills, and client satisfaction. Positive feedback is a good indication of a lawyer’s competence.  

5. What is your success rate with immigration cases?

Even though past success doesn’t guarantee future results, it's still important to inquire about the lawyer's success rate. High success is a positive indication of a lawyer's ability to navigate the complexity of immigration law effectively.  

6. How do you communicate with your clients?

Ask the lawyers about how often they can update on the process and the preferred method of communication. Clear and regular updates are vital during the immigration process.  

7. What is your fee structure?

To avoid surprises later on, understand the lawyer's fee structure upfront. Get to know about their billing methods, hourly rates, and any additional costs during the process of immigration.  

8. Do you offer payment plans or options for reduced fees?

The immigration process can be expensive. All for the payment plans and ask for discount fees based on your financial status. This gives you confidence that you can afford the expense.  

9. Will you be personally handling my case?

Some lawyers assign their cases to their juniors. Inquire whether the lawyers you are consulting will be handling your case or will be assigned to someone else.  

10. Do you have experience with cases in the UK or the USA?

Find lawyers who have experience dealing with immigration cases specifically in your area. Local knowledge and familiarity with local processes can be an added advantage in your immigration process. By asking the right question and doing research, you can find the best immigration lawyers. Try asking these 10 questions during your search to find the right lawyer for your case. Make a decision and choose a skilled attorney who will provide the best possible representation for your immigration needs. At Tulsa Law, we deliver exceptional legal services tailored to your needs. If you're seeking more information about our extensive range of services, please contact us. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals is here to assist you every step of the way with the best legal support possible.