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Other Oklahoma Immigration Services

Non-immigrant visas, naturalization, deportation and asylum

The Law Offices of Mawby & Litz is a full-service Tulsa immigration law firm assisting you with any issues related to your legal status in the United States. The firm’s experienced attorneys assist temporary visitors with non-immigrant visas, and they work with foreign nationals who wish to remain in this county by achieving citizenship through naturalization, fighting deportation proceedings or receiving asylum. When immigration actions are contested, the firm sends its skilled appellate attorneys to press your case in the United States Court of Appeals.

Non-immigrant visas

Getting a visa as a temporary visitor to the United States can be as challenging as any other immigration matter. The attorneys at  Mawby & Litz can help you obtain the non-immigrant visa appropriate to your needs:

  • A Visa — Foreign government officials
  • B Visa — B-1 Business & B-2 Tourist
  • C Visa — Transit
  • D Visa — Crewmen
  • E Visa — Treaty traders and investors
  • F Visa — F-1 Students and F-2 Spouses and children
  • G Visa — Representatives to international organizations
  • H Visa — Temporary work
  • I Visa — Media
  • J Visa — J-1 Students and J-2 Dependents
  • K Visa — Fiancés or fiancées, fiancées' children
  • L Visa — Intra-company transfer
  • M Visa — U.S. vocational students
  • N Visa — Children of special immigrants
  • O & P Visas — Artists, athletes and entertainers
  • Q Visa — International cultural exchange visitors
  • R Visa — Religious workers
  • S Visa — Aliens assisting law enforcement
  • TN Visa — NAFTA professional workers
  • V Visa — Spouses and children of permanent residents

United States citizenship through naturalization

You acquire citizenship status through birth, parentage or naturalization. The knowledgeable lawyers at Mawby & Litz have guided many immigrants through the naturalization process. The firm’s attorneys know how to handle special circumstances such as:

  • Modified residency requirements for spouses
  • Military applications
  • Language requirement waivers
  • United States government and history knowledge requirement waivers
  • Modifications of the requirements of the oath of allegiance

Deportation removal defense

You need the immediate assistance of an immigration attorney when you face deportation removal proceedings by the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). The lawyers at Mawby & Litz are skilled at working with  people whose rights are limited, such as those who have made misrepresentations in immigration matters as well as:

  • Undocumented aliens
  • Stowaways
  • Crewmen
  • Visa Waiver Program (VWP) participants
  • Suspected terrorists

Seeking asylum in the United States

The conditions for receiving asylum in the United States are challenging.  Mawby & Litz help asylees to prove their eligibility on the basis of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution due to:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Membership in a particular social group
  • Political opinion

Get help with all of your Oklahoma immigration concerns

The Tulsa immigration law firm of Mawby & Litz helps people who want to stay in the United States for a specific time as well as those who wish to make this county their permanent home. Contact the firm online or call (877) 847-2529.